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At the beginning of this blog, I would incentivize myself for weight loss.  There were prizes for certain incentives.  The do this at Weight Watchers, too – a sticker on your card for every 5lbs lost, book marks, key chains, etc.  The thing is, I’m a grown woman and buying myself a sticker is not going to work for me.  On the other hand, I’d go broke if I gave myself a pricier prize for every little pound lost.

So here’s where I have landed: a savings account.  For every 5 lbs I lose, I deposit $5.  And, for every 5% I lose, I deposit $50.There will also be a $50 deposit for 50lbs lost and 75 lbs lost, but $100 for $100 lbs lost.

When I’m out and about and come across something I would really like to have – be it a facial, an electronic, or some other substantial non-necessity – I can get it so long as I’ve earned it.  So far, I have $60 in my weight loss account, and my sights are not yet set on any particular ‘prize’ at this point.

I will be patiently awaiting a Hobo sale on RueLaLa!

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Data Driven 2

Still don’t know how to interpret this, but my weight is higher for my size, consistently.  Perhaps it is the brand of jeans I buy (they might run big), or perhaps something about how I carry my weight.  I don’t really care – just find it interesting!

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Friday Update

In one week….

Weight: down 2.8 lbs this week, 21.6 lbs so far
Neck: down .5″ (this bumps around a one inch range), 1″ so far
Waist: up .25″, down 2.5″ so far
Hips: down .75″, down 4″ so far

As I copied my post from last Friday to write this repeatable post, I came across this comment that I made: “I start a 6 lb sprint today (I just decided).  Why 6? Because every woman does 5.  Until I hit 6 Lbs lost, I am as perfect as possible. No work temptations!  Record calories BEFORE I eat them.  Lots of water.”

Granted I had a VERY successful week in terms of progress, I totally did not think about this 6 lb goal.  I do this quite a bit – make a goal on whim and it’s in my head for about 5 minutes after my ‘Publish’ button is hit.  I was in no way perfect – I had king cake and other temptations, and even organized a work happy hour.  Oh and I ordered a pizza with a friend at work (our work lunch was cancelled morning of, so none of us had packed a lunch – not an excuse, just explaining).

So, here’s what’s up: I’m putting reminders up where I live and work.  Little Post-Its with the number “6” on it.  And, since I can’t exactly put sixes up in the office kitchen, I may just take a permanent marker to my hand.

Also, I think next week I will report actual measurements and weight.  I was concerned about this before.  Having read weight loss blogs from around the interwebs, there are two schools of thought on reporting weight / measurements.  In one camp, people think reporting the actual stuff will make readers feel bad about themselves/their progress.  It goes a little deeper than “feel bad” as some people plagued with eating disorders (which happen at EVERY weight) can twist information to their disadvantage.  On the other hand, I want to be honest.  Open.  And quite frankly want to share my progress in a more transparent, easy to understand way!  I’m proud of how far I’ve come (even if  have my low points at times).


Since there is no other word for it (that I know of), I just have to assume you will know what I mean when I say my weight is in another decade this morning.  MEANING, the second number in my weight is down one number.  Meaning my plateau is over.  Meaning I’m well on my way to size 18, and one step closer to single digit denim. 

The Problem with Public

This blog has really been what’s kept me going with weight loss this time around.  Any other time, I would have completely lost focus months ago and just reverted back to comfort/easy zone.  This blog keeps me accountable – to my family, my friends, strangers and of course myself.

But sometimes putting it all out there is unexpectedly tough.  When I’m honest about my pitfalls, you all know.  Sometimes I’m straight up honest, and sometimes I approach it in humorous way, but I always try to remain real.  True to who I am.

And sometimes, the response I get hurts.  Be it comments or private messages, some people really feel it’s their job to call me out – even though I’m calling myself out.  I said in my very first post that sometimes I need that no-holds-barred feedback, as opposed to the candy coating.  But it hurts anyways. (And by the way, it has never come from someone who has lost 100+ lbs, or who needs to lose it themselves.)

It’s not that I don’t appreciate it, because it rattles me to the point of getting me to GO.  PULL THROUGH. Even if it’s presumptuous, ill-informed, or tough-love, it DOES make an impact on me, but only after I’ve had time to process it.

Yesterday was a weird, weird day.  I don’t know if the birth control hormones are still affecting me or what, but I’m feeling introverted, anti-social, and anti-workout.  #truthbomb

And this morning, I woke up IN TIME to go to boot camp, but drug my feet getting out the door and ultimately drove right past it when I realized I’d be 10+ minutes late.  I know – it’s pathetic.  NOBODY needs to call me out on it, though I know someone will – whether it’s a reply to this post, or they try to sneak it in five posts from now. (I’m onto you.)  I hate it, but bring it on.

While I try to work through my grouchy, crabby, hormonal mood swings and grit my teeth through every temptation I (try to) turn away, I know that every single reader of this blog – blunt or not – wants me to succeed.  And though the comments sting, I have to make sure they don’t discourage me from being honest.

This blog makes me accountable.  Even if some people want to take my honesty and scold me for it, so be it.  I’m not perfect, and I’m OK with it.

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My New Favorite Cook Book

Ok.  I know I just said I found some pitfalls with meal planning alongside a cookbook.  The gist of that was I was over complicating the plan, so much so that I failed to recognize that between boot camp, tennis, work and church, I did not have time to cook three meals a week in the evenings.

However, I do love trying new recipes – keeps it interesting, and challenges my pallet.  I’ve resigned myself to the notion that I have to cook on Sundays though, and Wednesdays.  I will make and prep enough batches for the next few days.  The one thing that doesn’t work (for me, at least) are things like chicken breast, pot roast, etc.  I don’t like cuts of meat in general, let alone reheated.  #truth

I seem to be leading away from my point, instead of towards it.  So here’s a very abrupt change of topic: I’m in love with my new cookbook:

No, I have not come down with Diabetes.  However the Nutritionist did mention she had a few Diabetic cookbooks she recommends.  So, on my way to Barnes to pick up 300 under 300 – a book of 300 recipes under 300 calories – I changed it up when I came across this colorful, informative, picture-for-every-recipe book.  The principals of diabetic eating are basically the principals we should all follow.  The lesson for me: diabetics do not have a special diet, they just have to follow a healthy diet.  My grandma would be proud.

Aside from a ton of recipes I will find an appropriate time to work into my meal plan, there there are a ton of pseudo info graphics throughout the book like the following:

Calories would have been a little more helpful here, but the two are related.  Just a helpful visual.

As you may be able to see, there are little book markers throughout the book where I’ve taken note of things to try.

Lobster Mac and Cheese Casserole anyone?  Only 322 calories🙂





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Why don’t we split food with friends and loved ones more often?

I just left Schlotzsky’s, where a small original sandwich (that’s the base model there) would have set me back 562 calories.  But, they conveniently cut your sammy in half – so I plan to save this second half for my pre-tennis dinner.

But seriously?  Why does any person, particularly a woman, need 562 calories for lunch.  That doesn’t even count the chips, drink, cookie and/or pickle they offer you (which I politely declined – except for the pickle wedge).

I know we don’t all like the same stuff, but the next time you have dinner with a friend, see about splitting a plate.  Not only will it save you some buckaroos, it will save your thighs from “thunderous” proportions down the road.  Or, better yet, go halvsies with yourself.  No reason an American-sized meal can’t last you two (or more) meals!

Friday Update

Weight: down .8 lbs
Neck: up .5″ (this bumps around a one inch range)
Waist: down 1.3″
Hips: down .5″

I’m surprised and happy with these results, but I know I can do better if I really focus.

I start a 6 lb sprint today (I just decided).  Why 6? Because every woman does 5.  Until I hit 6 Lbs lost, I am as perfect as possible. No work temptations!  Record calories BEFORE I eat them.  Lots of water.

If every day were like today…

So as I track calories in MyFitnessPal, I get a running total of how under or over my calorie goal I am.  If I’m in the clear, the number is green.  If I’ve gone over my calorie goal, I know by how much in big red numbers.  But, the best part of any day is once I submit my calories for the day, it says “if every day was like today, you’d weight…. in 5 weeks.”

When I’m eating within my calorie goal, that number is about 10 lbs lighter than I am currently.  Today, it was about 5 pounds.  If every day was like today (when I’m about 500 calories over my goal of 1,300), I’d be about 5 lbs lighter in 5 weeks.

It’s motivating.  I would love to lose 2 lbs a week, but knowing that even IF I slip up a little, I am still making progress makes me feel good.  Yes, per my last post’s commenter (Laura), I could do a better job at avoiding temptations.  And knowing I’d be 10 lbs lighter if I did, man that perks me up.

Recipes vs. Other Stuff

So as I continue to think through this meal planning stuff, I think about how I was doing it when on the South Beach Diet and what worked and didn’t.  I would literally plan my meals alongside a SBD cookbook, and probably in the course of a week, I would intend to cook three recipes.

Well friends, let me tell you – that did not work so well.  Now, my pantry and fridge were still stocked with SBD-friendly foods, so I did still manage to lose weight.  The thing is, I probably got around to cooking just one of those meals each week due to time constraints, poor planning, whatever.  And, a good chunk of the food went bad before I could manage to cook it.  I did remedy this some by making two day meal plans (which inevitably lasted me 3-4 days by the time I had left overs, or a company sponsored/catered lunch or whatever).  The thing about RECIPES is they require time – and never the 30 minutes the book promises.  They always slip in ingredients like “chopped onions” but don’t take into account that it takes this girl a good 10 minutes to chop an onion properly… and that time was not built into the overall recipe.

This got me thinking about my grandmother.  She was my rock.  She was borderline diabetic for as long as I could remember (which if you know me, goes back to when I was like two years old), and only officially crossed over into diabetes in her early 80s, when I was in college.  Well, the thing about it is she really is a good example of how to diet (and not the weight loss kind, per se).  I would spend spring breaks and parts of my summers at their beach house and pick up on every little thing she did.  I often laugh when I find myself eating 3 cups of popcorn out of a pyrex measuring cup or ice cream out of a stainless steel one.

The thing is, I don’t remember her cooking all that much.  I know she lived the diet I’m trying to get to (in terms of portion control, good carbs, proteins, etc.).  Even though I was gifted with her Joy of Cooking cookbook,  she either had a few recipes memorized or just grazed on whatever was available.

Here’s what I’m trying to say: every meal does not have to be an ordeal.  I do not have to try three new recipes each week.  I don’t even have to COOK each week.  Honestly, if a plate is supposed to be one-half plants – put raw carrots or broccoli down.  For the ¼  carb?  Last time I checked whole grain bread is a carb and can literally pull it from the bag and place it on my plate.  Protein?  Lunch meat, yo.  NO cooking.  Dinner is served.  In under 5 minutes.  Boom.

Is it the yummiest, most exciting dinner ever?  Obviously not.  Is it better for me than a burrito, burger or chicken nuggets?  Hells yeah.  If I’m honest, that meal really does not excite me – but it’s the most EXTREME example of how to make it fast and easy.  I could HEAT some broccoli, scoop some left over quinoa, and figure out some kind of protein (though the quinoa has a TON protein – fyi).

My grandmother was 80 frackin years old.  She did not cover her plate in beautiful, gourmet food.  She did not slave away in the kitchen.  She had generic, high fiber cold cereal every day with a spoonful of wheat germ on it.  She weighed cheese and other stuff on a scale EVERY DAY.  And even though she did eventually get the ‘betes, she staved it off for 20 years!

So, I’m going to take a few notes from my Ninny and stop over-complicating my meal plans.  I need to own the fact that I’m constantly on the move (and away from my house) and carry food in my purse as best I can.  I need a list of healthy things I know I can go to on the run…. Like a list of on the run food ideas I can reference.

I’m getting more and more excited about my new-found meal plans (even though I have not yet heard from my nutritionist on my “lost” email).